Get your coat, you’ve pulled!

Reds True BBQ is like meeting a model in a nightclub, this model is pretty, you feel excited, thinking you have bagged a new gorgeous girlfriend. The conversation starts and it hits you like a hammer to a nail…the model is just a pretty face with a bland personality.
This is what happened when the Man Dem visited #RedsTrueBBQ we were IMG_6523[1]
amazed by the venue decor, the super friendly waiters, so friendly that when we were being told which menu items were sold out we made a joke out of it (something about we might as well go home now…she laughed, so it was funny at the time!)

#MDVF ordered the #BBQ feast to share. This included #Ribs,
pork #BBQchicken #lambbrisket #lambchops. Sides #cheeseontoast #Sweetcorn #chickenwings #macandcheese #cornonthecob
IMG_6525[1]Food arrived in a dustbin lid, different but added to the experience. But things went downhill after the first bite.

Bland! The meat needed some flavour. The actual quality of the meat was superb, but the taste was lacking some va va voom.

IMG_6509[1]Attentive on most occasions. Some dude knocked over one of the man dem’s #homemadelemondae (tasted fab), before it got ugly a waitress came sweeping over like #tinkerbell and offered another drink for free. Only thing is, it took 15 mins to arrive! The man’s throat was dry like sandpaper. Our main waitress Courtney from #Vancouver not #Texas was dope. She knew the extensive menu and provided answers to all questions fired at her.

The bill came to £25 each. Not bad for the amount of food we had, especiallyIMG_6520[1] in trendy #Mayfair sorry #Shoreditch… It was a pity the lack of flavour let Reds True BBQ down. Everything else is top notch. Good music too.
@RedsTrueBBQ has potential. If they can add some flavour to their cooking, we can see this place being packed with groups of friends, after work hangouts or a couple on a hot date (preferably not a model).
3 mandems out of 6


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