Pancake Wars

1st meeting of the day cancelled, hunger dancing in our stomachs, #breakfast is needed! Low and behold we stumble on a small but stylish diner style #food establishment on Carnaby Street. You don’t have to ask #mandemvfood twice! We hopped, skipped and jumped to see what the deal was. @kuaainauk cooking the best in diner style food, #pancakes, #burgers etc. Established in #1975 and is a favourite of #barackobama, apparently!

As it was breakfast time and in keeping with the
#pancakewars theme, we decided to go for Kua Aina’s take on traditional #americanpancakes with #bacon to see how they stacked up against the competition. First and foremost we need to highlight the bacon, thick cut, minimal fat, crispy, does not do the bacon justice. So tasty it had us humming after the first mouthful!

The pancakes were MASSIVE, light, fluffy and in a weird but tasty way doughy, fresh, and dusted with icing sugar. We were happy to see the amount of #maplesyrup served with the meal, nothing more do #mdvf hate than not having enough sauce for all the pancakes!

It was first thing in the morning and the restaurant was empty, background music was playing, but there is only so much of an atmosphere #mandem can generate alone. The service was ok, but MDVF felt an in depth menu explanation of the specials and drinks would have been appreciated, we mean the waiting staff were not exactly run off their feet, the place was empty!

In essence what was ordered was good value, however, it’s worth pointing out that pancake orders come with only two pancakes for 5 quid (which was never gonna fill us up). So we felt obliged to ask for more, instead of hearing our bellies rumble by mid-morning. But we will say the Kua Aina offering is better than other pancake establishments #MDVF have visited.

Kua Aina is a nice quirky diner, they boast to have locations in
#Hawaii#Tokyo and here in the #UK to name a few. Food tastes good with decent portion sizes. Our only negative would be that the actual dining space is quite small, if you have 4 people or more you may struggle to fit everyone in (unless there’s a mystical downstairs that we never saw)

On this visit we give 
#kuaainauk 5 man dems out of 6


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