The set up?

The sat nav said “turn left” into what looked like a council estate. Undeterred we took the left, and slowly continued driving down the road, whilst thinking what type of restaurant are we being navigated to? Wrong postcode? Fake restaurant? Was the restaurant actually a house? Is this another restaurant setting us up for posting a negative review?

Eventually sat nav said “you have arrived at your destination”. We looked to the right and saw a yellow building, surely not here? “Looks more like a nursing home, come we go @nandos bruv!” came a groan from the back seat…but wait there is a picture of an egg on a billboard. So we crept out of the car and took a peak through the windows. This nursing home either has the youngest looking grandparents or we have arrived at @clutchuk

There File_002[1]seem to be many pretenders to the throne of #bestfriedchicken in #London, and it’s safe to say that #Clutch is up there, a simple but effective menu, with fried chicken in different varieties. With this in mind #mdvf decided to sample a bit of everything. We ordered the two versions of chicken wings, and the butter milk fried chicken. First of all the chicken grade was a high quality, and the cuts of chicken in relation to the #buttermilkchicken were spot on. However, the taste for us needed a little work, because once you bit through the coating, the actual chicken was bland, no seasoning which is not something the #mandem are used to. But in stark contrast the #honeysesame wings were probably the #bestwings we haveFile_001[1] tasted this year. The texture, the flavour, the size, it ticked all the boxes and left us wanting more. We also ordered a range of #fries, #chickengravy #handcutfries #homemadeketchup which compliment the meal perfectly.

We walked in at 7pm and the place was empty which we thought was strange, we were seated str8 away, and greeted by a #bubbly #waitress who we still can’t tell if she was #flirting or just doing her job which is to up sell, regardless it worked!! Complimented with her knowledge of items on the menu and how she sold the food in regard to what would be best for us was perfect (she’s one to hold onto #clutch management).

File_000[1]Despite arriving to a virtually empty dining area, within 30 mins the place was bubbling. The background music was #retro #RnB and #hiphop Clutch is a cosy restaurant and it can still seat a big party of 10 – 18 people if needed. MDVF advice would be to make sure you book to avoid disappointment. They also have a sizeable outdoor seating area which would be maaaaaaad for a cocktail session, which they also do. The cocktails are named after RnB artists which gave us a little chuckle.

The bland fried chicken was a real disappointment. So next time we will order 12x honey sesame wings. Maybe we will return next week if clutch will have us???

3 out 6 Man Dems. We must stress the 2 of 3 points are for the wings! The other 1 is for the flirty waitress who knew her stuff!


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