It is not the size that matters…

The succulent taste of the jerk chicken from @wmcj_ldn had my belly feeling nice!! But I wanted more so I wandered off from the rest of the #mandem to see what other delights @streetfeastldn had to offer. With minimal hesitation I found my top up! I opted for what I thought would be a subtle compliment to my earlier munch from @sliderbar_ldn. Just as the name suggests #Sliders, mini slider in fact.

Slider2Each #miniburger is cooked while you wait so you know you are always getting freshly made food. They only do 3 types of burger, which is a bit of a bummer. They are: Classic cheese burger, cheese & bacon burger, and jalapeño cheese burger. They’re £4 each or 3 for £10. Obviously, I chose the 3 for a tenner option cos you know I had to try all 3 types!! #dontjudgeme OH MY GOSH! What a tasty #burger!!

Slider5It was truly amazing!! It felt like there was an old skool garage rave going off in my mouth… 2 step of flavour, 1 finger dance of sauce and a deep bassline of meat… Oiii ooooiiii!!!

For such a tiny specimen, it packs some really intense flavour and even now whilst writing this, my mouth is salvating as I reminisce of the juicy taste. There’s nothing more to say about these burgers. They are the business and if you haven’t tried them be sure to get some asap! #Simples!


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