Are You Mother Clucking Serious?

Feeling like a splinter cell, split from the #mandemvfood team to cure this hunger drumbeat that’s playing a samba on my stomach while I walk through #Streetfeast looking for something that screams out …. “Hellooooo, is it me you’re looking for??”……. There it was!!
Mother Clucker!! What a name, something so out there… 2 guesses what it could be all about?? That’s right… Chicken!!

Couldn’t believe the amount of #food I got with my order. So much so I didn’t order any sides. I was only expecting 2 strips of chicken between the bread, like all other places. How wrong I was!!
I had to eat a few strips and man handle my #burger, just so I can get to grips with it in my hands. I’m a real sucker for #buttermilk #chicken, soft, tender; #MotherClucker version was pretty good and had a nice crispy exterior.

The fried chicken itself was amazing. When I first saw it, I thought it was charred or burnt, but when I took a bite, the chicken was so #juicy and #succulent, I had to “try” and finish it! The dark coating was so crispy and flavourful, and the tender chicken inside had a nice kick to it, nothing over baring but a kick all the same.
Considering it was a bustling Friday evening I thought the service was good and the guys were friendly. I like that they didn’t appear to rush me to make my order despite the amount of people waiting.

On the whole, the chicken is all that you want from a fried meat; crispy, spicy and succulent enough to fall off the bone.

The one gripe I had was the fact they used plain slices of white bread on my visit. But I’ve since been told that that was because they had run out of the #brioche bread normally used. That said, that could make or break with a lot of foodies!! #JustSaying

I had a wicked time at Street Feast, thought the venue is quirky, as it has a very unique cool ‘trendy’ look. The small independent diners are a refreshing way to bridge the gap between typical street food and slightly more formal eating.

I liked the fact that almost all of the stalls are genuine street food vendors rather than restaurants or huge chains joining in with a stall.

Asides from the great food on offer and venue, the thing that impressed me the most was that the stall holders all seemed so upbeat, passionate and genuinely happy to be sharing their love of food, which is exactly what street food should be about!

Guess I’ll be back to finish sampling all the other gems on offer!


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