The Next Idris Elba or a Butlins Redcoat?

So if you asked #MDVF where to go for the best #burger in #London you will get 6 different answers and start another heated debate. Man get emotional if you diss his favourite burger joint, “#Bigmac is better than #Byron” almost caused a ruckus, had to hold man back!

One of the team has been banging on about #MeatLiquor for years, proper gassed liked #Liverpool fans every time #Couthino scores 1 goal every 6 games “He is world class”. The thing is, It’s not just any of the few branches of this establishment that are dotted around, the MDVF member is going on about a specific branch in the heart of central #London. Man is saying it will be the best burger ever, no other burger places can test blah, blah, blah. Alright man, cha! We get your point!

You know like how a parent carries on after watching their child in the school nativity play “Tyler was the best reindeer ever! He is the next #Idris!” That kinda talk…

Well, allegedly Meat Liquor is the don dadda of #burgers, toppa top! But did it live up to the hype? Did the kid become the next Idris or a #Butlins Redcoat? Are we going to have to go @sliderbar_ldn (read review It is not the size that matters…) or @fiveguysuk (read review Sniper shots…this is a burger war!) again, or is this really the best burger place in town… The man dem will have to try different burgers and give their verdict on this heated debate!
As we wanted to try as much of the menu as possible below are the individual accounts of the man dem’s experience of the different burgers they ordered.

1: Chicken Cheeseburger: I went for the chicken cheese burger with no cheese. (Chicken and cheese doesn’t make sense!). The burger came and I was like “ok, I’m pleasantly surprised”. The chicken was very generous in size and was topped with the #brioche bun. One bite and I was instantly impressed! “Mmmm… That is a tasty burger” I said to myself in the Samuel L Jackson voice from pulp fiction. It was #delicious. What ever sauce they use on the burger was truly amazing. It really goes well. “Nobody talk to me. I’m eating!” I didn’t stop for air, it was that good!! I kept going until it was gone. If I’m being honest, it was probably the best chicken burger I have ever had! EVER!!!

2: Chilli Cheeseburger: Apparently very hot, I opted for the green #chilli #cheeseburger. What can I say, it ticked all the boxes, the burger meat or “#pattie” if you want to be technical was cooked to perfection, the cheese was not that American almost GM tasting cheese that they use in #McDonalds but a flavoursome variation. The green chillies were crisp and had enough flavour to remind me that too many of those bad boys could cause a nightmare later on in the day (if you know what I mean 😭). Finally, the Jalapeño peppers (yes there were two types of chilli!) were a perfect compliment. I would recommend this to anyone who isn’t scared of a little heat and likes to actually taste flavours in their burger.
3: Cheeseburger: After all the chat it was finally time to sample this supposed ‘don dada’ of burgers. As always I demolished the chips first and saved the cheeseburger until last. Ready to be unwrapped like that one Christmas present you have been instructed to open last.The cheeseburger on first bite had no wow, no better than a @Byronhamburgers . However, with every bite the taste just got better. Tasty sauce, quality beef, soft brioche bun. Not the best, but on a par with the best.

4: Dead Hippie Burger: So… Man ordered a “dead hippie” init… Sounds like man ah cannibal, right?! Nah man, it’s only a burger!! Wait… Lemme start again it’s not “only a burger” it’s a nice burger!! Two french mustard meat patties along with #lettuce #pickle #onions #cheese (I don’t do cheeseburgers so ordered no cheese!) and dead hippie sauce!! The sauce though!! #propertings not sure what’s in it but it’s noiiccee!! Definitely recommended!!


For starters we all ordered the braai #wings, and the traditional buffalo wings. Now the Braai wings are proper wings, the whole wing, all 3 parts served not just one of the joints. Nice flavour with a little #spicy kick but for some of the man dem that only do a little spicy, they weren’t hot enough to need a jug full of water afterwards, or milk to cool their mouth down! The bingo wings were fine, we can’t rave about them, they weren’t wow! But they weren’t bad, a decent portion size, but they were just ok.

After the food one of the mandem wanted to satisfy his sugar craving so asked for the dessert menu… what a disappointment!! Two dead options, man might have to go @creamscafeuk or something but then the waitress said “we do have our part timer dessert option, something called #filthpie!!” What… man loves a bit of filth, what is it? #oreos #marshmallow #chocolate #coconut all infused together served warm with ice cream!! It was all kinds ah delicious… Sweet tooth satisfied!! If you’re a dessert person don’t visit Meat Mission without having it!!

It can’t be faulted, the Waitress (Sorry we didn’t catch your name) was attentive, knew what to recommend and knew specific details of each food item, the one thing she didn’t know she swiftly scuttled off and was back in a jiffy with the answer. The food came promptly and the entire order was correct.

This is an odd one, it’s a cross between a scene from #saw, a #nightclub and a cult place of worship. With that, the low lights and side bar made for an amazing atmosphere, lively, jam-packed, we’d say a place where you would go with the #mandem, or the #girls, or both if you know what we mean but this is definitely not a place for a romantic meal for two, unless your date doesn’t mind using his or her hands, and not being able to hear you that well as the music is a tad loud.
This gets high marks, very little we can fault it on, from a food perspective it was on point. The signature dish #deadhippie is one that every burger fan MUST try but whether it’s the best in the market, who knows?!? It’s like someone saying #rum not from #Jamaica isn’t the real ting! (Send your complaint via messenger). The atmosphere was on fire and the overall experience was a pleasure. With the prices being competitive to what other burger chains are charging, is it a contender for best burger? It’s definitely up there, but this debate will continue to cause differences in opinion within the #MDVF camp.

Score: 5 out of 6 mandems


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